Over Ten Years In Business!

We started out in Jan 2007 after many months of training with someone who had been in the business for over twenty years. We have been going non-stop ever since, not part time but full time day in and day out serviing the Brevard county area. There is not much we haven't seen, so Im confident that we can meet your needs.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is no excuse for poor quality of work. Many detailers out there are full of excuses, but you will not get any from us! Our mission is 100% satisfaction the first time we complete a service for you, and for those VERY RARE times you may not be 100% satisfied with our work , we will give no excuses PERIOD! You will get the level of service you expect first time every time or your money back!

You will only get the results you set out to accomplish.

My Job is Education

Auto detailing is one of those mysterous business's that people dont really understand. Are we a carwash? Are we a body shop? What is it that auto detailers can actually do? While it can vary from detailer to detailer one of my jobs is to educate you on what we can do and the services that we provide. I only suggest and recommend the services that i feel will benefit you the best and not the ones that benefit my wallet. That is not the case with many detailers out there. They will either oversell you on services your car does not need and you don't want, or even undersell you by charging you a cheaper price and only giving you that level of work when you where wanting something more. So its my job to ask the right questions to qualify you and inform you on what will work the best for you and your investment.

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2-Step Package The 2-step auto detailing package is a step above our level one detail in the exteri..
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Headlight polishing improve your night visibility gets those headlights looking new again ...
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What is ozone? Ozone is O3 (Trioxygen). It is nothing more than normal oxygen (O2)..
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