The Complete Detail

The Complete Detail

The Complete Auto Detail Package

The complete auto detailing package is THE package for the car enthusiast, or those that believe their car has seen better days, and it's been awhile since a good cleaning has been performed. Every crack and crevice is meticulously cleaned, with equal attention given to both the inside and outside of the car. Spoil yourself and you car and get The Complete Detail!

The complete auto detailing package is just what it is a complete offering of all our auto detailing service. starting with the interior you get a complete detailing of all cracks and crevices , seats - between and under .carpet is vacuumed and scrubbed and  shampooed as well includes the trunk. Then is extracted with a 180° heated water extractor.  we also clean and condition all plastic and rubber surfaces  and hand clean the Headliner to remove any staining or dirt   we clean around all gear shift knob , radio knobs , and steering wheel parts to remove any grease or make up that may be collecting the surfaces. Also we clean and condition all leather and vinyl. Then we finalize interior detail by running our O-Zone machine to remove any funky smells that may be left over from pets or children being in the car on the regular basis or foul odors from previous owners of the vehicle.

On the exterior we do a two bucket foaming hand wash play bar the paint surface to remove contaminants and dry to grab wheels and tires pressure wash wheel wells and debug and detar paint services across the rocker pancakes and all the lower area areas and grill. One of the main differences with the complete detail is the cleaning of the engine bay , also we add a light scratch removal step to help get rid of some of those lighter car wash scratches or miscellaneous scratches that can occur from car washes but this is definitely not a reconditioning of the paint for that we would have to do an individual consult and see what the best route would be to take, if you want that added wet shine look this one step can help achieve that. Then we finish up the paint after our scratch removal step with a sealant that is good for up to a year which can be upgraded to a three-year sealant from opti-coat. You can see the complete detail is a good place to start if the vehicle has not been maintained very well over the years.

Interior Highlights

  • Clean all interior cracks and crevices  

                —Advanced cleaning method used

  • Clean under & between seats, cup holders , door panels - all interior plastic & rubber. 
  • Steam clean and extract interior and upholstery 
  • scrub and condition leather ( if applicable)
  • 1/2 hr of ozone treatment to freshen interior air.  
  • Hand clean headliner. 

Exterior Highlights

  • Two bucket hand wash
  • Clean wheels and wheel wells 
  • Clay bar paint surface 
  • Towell dry
  • Single step exterior polish (to remove light scratches)
  • Opti-seal paint for year round protection 
  • Clean engine bay
  • Topped off with a coat of carnuaba wax for a added shine. 


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