Interior Cleaning Method

The Advanced Interior Cleaning Method


The way detailers go about cleaning the interior is why you definitly dont want to pick a detailing package on price alone. Many times there is some confusion when it comes to interior cleaning, and most customers have very different needs when it comes to getting their interior cleaned properly. For example if you have a vehicle that many people ride in on a regular basis then, most likely the interior will be dirtier than a car with one person. Or if  you have kids or pets in the car the car may need more cleaning.

The advanced methods main difference is the using of some type of wet cleaner either chemically or with steam to break down the dirt to remove it from the interior surface it's on.  A good example would be if there was a hardened food spill on the surface of your oven that would need a chemical similar to a 409 to remove it. So if your cars interior has seen better days then make sure you pick a detailing package that includes the advanced cleaning method.

Packages using this method

The Complete Auto Detail

Level One Auto Detail

Platinum Interior Auto Detail





The Basic Interior Cleaning Method



Now this method is more of a dry dusting of the interior to remove dust build up on dash and steering column, so like brushing off some crumbs from the oven surface for example.

Packages that include this method

2-Step Auto Detail

Gold Interior Package